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  • Building a new button mushroom farm

We can help to prepare a project report for new Button Mushroom Farm.
Can work with owner group to build/renovate Farms.
Help in selection of building material and construction.
Work with owner group for optimum Room size calculations and equipment design and fabrication for composting equipment.

  • Compost preparation

Compost is the basis for growing and Mushroom yield.Good quality compost only can yield high yields.
We can provide advice in all aspects of compost preparation right from raw material selection, formulation and process of composting depending on the facility with locally available material in the individuals farm.

  • Growing

We can advice growers on various aspects of growing studying their farm conditions for better yield and quality of Button Mushrooms.

  • Raw Materials  sourcing

We can help in sourcing raw materials for composting and other implement, consumable required for the button mushroom farm.

  • Research and development

We can help developing new compost formulation, process and new Casing soilusing locally available material.

  • Management

We can help button mushroom farms to improve their operations management with our rich experience in rising button mushroom farms.

  • Quality Control

We can help in Analysing all raw material and compost at various stages to prepare a good quality compost.

  • Pest Management

Pest and diseases can cause major damage to the Business profitability. We help in improving hygiene standards in the farm and help to control pest and diseases.